Loan Services

Let us help you with a loanNorthern State Bank is proud to be your hometown bank. Lending decisions are made locally with you, your family, and our community in mind. Our loan officers are your friends and neighbors and want to help you meet your goals. Whether you're looking for a home loan, business loan, construction loan or a loan for something fun, NSB has a credit program for you. Contact a loan officer to see how we can help you finance your dream. Curious about loan costs, try our online loan calculator.

Commercial Real Estate/Business Loans

Northern State Bank provides a variety of credit programs to meet business needs. Contact Turn on JavaScript! or Turn on JavaScript! in Ashland or Turn on JavaScript! in our Aurora office for more information. They're local people who know our local business environment and can help set you on a productive path.

Consumer Loans

We have several loan options available if you want to finance a car, new boat, or even a motorcycle. Credit programs vary so contact us and we'll help you choose a loan that fits your needs and your budget.

Residential Real Estate Loans

Whether you're a first time homebuyer or hoping to refinance, contact a local Northern State Bank loan officer for information on our various home loan programs. Our loan officers have years of experience in this community helping friends and neighbors. We offer a wide range of programs that include conventional fixed-rate loans, Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), U.S. and V.A. loans, and Guaranteed Rural Housing (Rural Development) loans. Confused with all the terms that go along with a morgage loan? Check out these home buying term definitions.

Home Equity loans and lines of credit are also available at Northern State Bank. These credit products let you use the equity or available value of your home for additional expenses. With a home equity loan you may be able to finance an education or purchase a car. Or you might use the equity in your home as a home equity line of credit to finance a home improvement project. Contact any NSB loan officer for more information.

Municipal and Other Loans

Rates for municipal loans are based on current market interest rates. Representatives of municipalities and other governmental entities should contact a local NSB loan officer for more information.

Loans using a Northern State Bank Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit as collateral will have a rate of 4% over the rate of the deposit account. For loans using deposit products from other financial institutions or other types of collateral not quoted here, please contact a loan officer for more information.