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When emailing Northern State Bank or any of its staff, we suggest that your correspondence not contain confidential information such as account numbers or social security numbers.  If this information is necessary to present an issue or ask a question, please call or stop in at the most convenient Northern State Bank location.


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Northern State Online Agreement and Disclosure statement

Please read the Northern State Online Agreement and Disclosure Statement carefully and click "I accept these terms" to print an application.

This agreement states the terms and conditions that apply when you use our Internet banking service. These terms and conditions are in addition to those that apply to any accounts you have with us or any other services you obtain from us. You must also follow all of our instructions and procedures applicable to the services covered by this agreement. Each time you access an account through Northern State Online, you confirm your agreement to these terms.

1. Definitions

"You" and "your" mean each person or business entity who establishes an Northern State Online Internet banking relationship with us or who uses or is authorized to use an online identification number and password or other means of access we establish or approve.

"Northern State Online" and the "Service" means our service that allows you to make payments, transfer funds, access accounts, obtain information and perform other transactions over the Internet by use of a personal computer and modem and/or other means we authorize or allow.

"We", "us", "our" or "the Bank" refer to Northern State Bank which offers the Service and which holds the account or accounts accessed by the Service.

2. Identification Number and PIN

To access the online banking service, you must use the identification number and/or other means of access we establish or provide for your Northern State Online Customer Account, together with PIN. Anyone to whom you give your online ID and PIN or other means of access will have full access to your accounts and you will not be able to limit that person's authority.

The first time you access any of the accounts available to you under this Service, you confirm your agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and acknowledge your receipt and understanding of this disclosure. You may choose to accept or decline new services or changes to existing services by continuing or discontinuing the services to which such change may relate.

Upon your acceptance of this Agreement and the successful completion of your application, we will provide you, in a timely manner, with your Northern State Online ID and a temporary PIN. You will be prompted to change your PIN after the first use of your bank assigned PIN. We are entitled to act on any instruction received under your Northern State Online ID and PIN. You are responsible for keeping your ID, PIN and account data confidential.

Notwithstanding any instructions contained on the signature card for your account, you understand and agree that access to your accounts via Northern State Online is granted by IDs and PINs that can be reentered by a single individual. You should not designate any account that requires more than one signature for withdrawals. If you do so designate such an account, you and all co-signers of the account agree that transactions made via Northern State Online by use of an ID and PIN are authorized and that we may act on the oral, written or electronic instruction of any one authorized signer for Northern State Online transactions.

3. Online Banking Transactions

You, or someone you have authorized by giving them your Northern State Online ID and PIN or other means of access (even if that person exceeds your authority), may instruct us to perform the following transactions:

· View account balances and transaction history;

· Make transfers between your qualifying accounts to the extent authorized;

· Obtain information that we make available about your qualifying accounts;

· Make payments on eligible loan accounts or lines of credit;

· Make third party payments under the Bill Pay Service (subject to approval)

· Obtain other services or perform other transactions that we authorize or make available now or at a future date.

4. Limits On Online Banking Transactions

You must have enough available money or credit in any account from which you instruct us to make a payment or transfer. Bill payments are not allowed from savings, money market, certificate of deposit, installment loan, or line of credit accounts. You cannot transfer funds from an installment loan or line of credit or from or into a certificate of deposit or IRA. Funds transfers into loans or lines of credit will be credited as payments in the manner set forth in your promissory note or loan agreement. Transfers from savings and money market accounts are limited by law and your deposit account agreement with us. For these types of accounts, you may only make up to six withdrawals and/or transfers each month by check, preauthorized or automatic transfer, draft, telephone, or online access. Only three of these six transactions may be by check, draft, debit card, or similar order to third parties. Funds from deposited items may also be subject to an uncollected funds hold, as disclosed in your funds availability disclosure. You may request another one of these at any time by contacting Northern State Bank at or by phoning 715-682-2772.

5. Our Liability For Failure To Complete Payments Or Transfers

If we do not complete a payment or transfer on time or in the correct amount according to our agreement with you, we will only be liable to you to complete such payment or transfer. Under no circumstances will the Bank be liable for any damages that you may suffer, including consequential damages, due to our failure to complete a payment or transfer. Specifically, the Bank will NOT be liable to any extent whatsoever if:

a) Through no fault of ours, you do not have enough available money in the account from which a payment or transfer is to be made, or if the account has been closed or is not in good standing, or if we reverse a payment or transfer because of insufficient funds;

b) Any payment or transfer would go over the credit limit of any account;

c) Your equipment or ours was not working properly and the breakdown should have been apparent to you when you attempted to conduct the transaction;

d) You have not given us complete, correct or current account numbers or other identifying information so that we may properly credit or debit your account or otherwise complete the transaction;

e) You do not properly follow our instructions or if you provide us with wrong or inaccurate information or fail to correct or tell us about any inaccuracy of which you are aware;

f) You do not initiate your payment or transfer in time to be received and credited by its due date;

g) The money in the account from which a payment or transfer is to be made is subject to legal process or other claim which restricts the transaction;

h) We process your payment in a timely manner, but the payee rejects your payment or fails to process it in a timely manner;

i) Circumstances beyond our control prevent, delay, intercept or alter the transaction, despite reasonable precautions that we have taken.

There may be other exceptions stated in our agreements with you.

6. Business Days and Hours of Accessibility

The Northern State Online Service is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, we only process transactions, payments, and update information on business days, which are every day except Saturday, Sunday, and federal banking holidays. There may be periods that the service is not available due to routine maintenance or other reasons. Where possible, we will provide advance notice of these system downtimes. You may not be able to access our online service during these downtimes.

A transfer initiated through Northern State Online by 3:45 p.m. CST on a business day will be posted to your account the same day. All transfers initiated after 3:45 p.m. CST on a business day or any time on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday may not be posted until the next business day.

Online banking support hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST each business day.

7. Statements

Your online payments and transfers will be indicated on the monthly or quarterly statements we provide or make accessible to you. You agree to notify us promptly if you change your address or if you

believe there are any errors or unauthorized transactions on any statement, or statement information. Your statements may contain further information or disclaimers.

8. Your Liability

Each of you agrees to the terms of this Service and any applicable charges. You are liable for all transactions that you or any of you make or authorize, even if the person you authorize exceeds your authority. You agree not to disclose or share your Northern State Online ID and PIN or other means of access with others. If you have given someone your ID and PIN or other means of access and want to terminate that person's authority, you must change your online ID and PIN or other means of access or take additional steps to prevent further access by such person.

You will properly secure all hardware you use in connection with the Service (including, but not limited to, securing the hardware with the Security Credentials to prevent unauthorized use). You will maintain control over and be responsible for secure retention, storage and destruction of original Paper items for which you have created an Electronic Item. After transmitting the Electronic Item to us, you will retain the original Paper Items for a minimum of five (5) calendar days, but no longer than fourteen (14) calendar days from the transmission date (“Retention Period”). You will retain the check(s) in a secure place. During the Retention Period and upon our request, you will agree to provide us with the original Paper Items(s). Once the Retention Period has expired, you will destroy the original Paper Items(s) from which you previously created and submitted to us the Electronic Item.

9. Unauthorized Transactions Or Loss Or Theft Of Your Northern State Online ID Or PIN

If you believe your online ID or PIN or other means of access have been lost or stolen or that someone has used them without your authorization, contact us immediately by one of the following methods:

a. Telephone Northern State Bank during normal business hours at (715)682-2772;

b. Email us at or

c. Visit, or write to, us at 321 West Main St., P.O. Box 617, Ashland, WI 54806

Quickly telephoning us is the best way of reducing your possible losses. Not all emails may arrive at their destinations. If you do email us, we will reply to you via return email to confirm that we did receive it. Because the email is not secure from being read by just anyone, do not include any of your Account or Social Security numbers with your email. Your name, address, a phone number where you can be reached, and a brief message as to what the problem might be is all we will need to initially assist you.

If you need more information about an electronic transfer appearing on your statement or if you think your statement is wrong, please telephone or write us as soon as possible at the number or address above. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the first statement on which the error or problem appeared. Tell us your name and account number (if any), describe the error or the transfer you are unsure about and explain as clearly as you can why you believe there is an error or why you need more information and tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error.

We will determine whether an error occurred within 10 business days (20 days if the transfer involved a new account) after we hear from you and will correct any error promptly. If we need more time, however, we may take up to 45 days (90 days if the transfer involved a new account or a foreign-initiated transfer) to investigate your complaint or questions. If we decide to do this, we will credit your account within 10 business days (20 business days if the transfer involved a new account) for the amount you think is in error so that you will have the use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation. If we ask you to put your complaint or question in writing and we do not receive it within 10 business days, we may not credit your account. Your account is considered a new account for the first 30 days after the first deposit is made, unless each of you already has an established account with us before this account is opened.

We will tell you the results within three business days after completing our investigation. If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation.

You may ask for copies of the documents that we used in our investigation.

If you would like to confirm that an automatic deposit to your account has been made as scheduled, you may call us during normal business hours at (715) 682-2772.

10. Business and Other Non-Personal Accounts

The Bank's obligations set forth in Sections 5 and 9 and the limitations on your liability set forth in Section 8, do not apply in the case of business or other non-personal accounts. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any special or consequential damages involving such accounts. The owners of non-personal accounts must notify us immediately if they discover any unauthorized transactions or errors, and must send us a written notice of the problem within a reasonable time (not to exceed 14 days from the date of discovery or their receipt of the first statement or notice reflecting the problem, whichever occurs first). We may process any on-line instruction we believe is given by any of you if the instruction is accompanied by your Northern State Online ID and PIN, and you will be obligated for the transfer or payment, even if the instruction is not transmitted or authorized by you.

11. Electronic Communications and Access

You are responsible for the selection, installation, maintenance, and operation of your computer and software. We assume no responsibility for any error or malfunction by your computer or software, or for any computer virus or similar problems you may experience with the internet or your internet service provider. You must use equipment and software that are compatible with our system, which may change from time to time. Note: Some browser software may store user names and security codes to facilitate the future use of a web site. For security reasons, you agree to disable this feature in your browser. Check your browser's Help screen for more information on this feature.

You agree that this Agreement and any notice or other type of communication that is provided to you in connection with the Service, including amendments, statements, and account information, may be sent to you electronically by posting the communication at our web site or by sending it to you by email. You may obtain a free copy of this Agreement, any amendments to it, and other communications about the Service in paper form by calling us at (715)682-2772 or writing to P.O. Box 617, 321 West Main St., Ashland, WI 54806. You may withdraw your consent to such electronic communications by writing to us at the same address, and advising us that you wish to have future notices sent to you in paper form. We may elect to terminate this Agreement and the Service if you choose to receive notices in paper form.

You agree to provide us with your current email address for notices. If your email address changes, you must send us a notice of the new address by writing to us or by updating your email yourself in the appropriate location within Northern State Online Banking. You will need the following or equivalent hardware and software in order to access our web site, to receive notices from us, and to retain an electronic record of this Agreement and future notices:

· Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome

We do not provide ISP services; you must have your own Internet service provider.

12. Fees and Service Charges

The Bank reserves the right to impose fees and/or other service charges for access to or use of the Northern State Online and the Bill Pay Service. We will promptly notify you of any new fees or change in the fees for these services. These charges will be automatically deducted from the checking account you designate for this purpose and the charges will appear on your statements. If you close that account, you will need to designate a new account for such payments. Please see your service charge schedule for information on other fees that may apply to your account, such as non-sufficient funds or stop payment fees. We are not responsible for any fees that may be billed to you by your internet service provider.

13. Termination

To cancel the Northern State Online and/or Bill Payment Service, you must notify the Bank and provide your name; address; whether you are discontinuing the online banking or Bill Payment Service (if you are discontinuing Northern State Online, the Bill Payment Service is automatically discontinued); and the effective date to stop the service. When Bill Payment Service is terminated, any bill payments scheduled to be made through the Bill Payment Service will also be terminated. Your final charge for the Bill Payment Service will be assessed at the end of your statement cycle. You may notify us by one of the following methods:

a. Telephone Northern State Bank during normal business hours at (715)682-2772;

b. Email us at

c. Come in and speak to a Bank representative; or

d. Write to us at 321 West Main St., P.O. Box 617, Ashland, WI 54806.

The Bank reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and your access to this Service (including the Bill Payment service) in whole or in part at any time if you do not pay any fee required by this Agreement when due, or if you do not comply with the Agreement governing your deposits or loan accounts, or if your accounts are not maintained in good standing or if your bank accounts are closed. We will promptly notify you if we terminate this Agreement or your use of this Service for any other reason.

14. Bill Pay Service

The Bill Pay Service allows you to schedule bill payments through Northern State Online. Bill payments cannot be made from savings accounts, IRAs, lines of credit, installment loans, or certificates of deposit, and, because of the limitations discussed in Section 4, bill payments may not be made from money market accounts.

Eligible Payees: You may only designate payees with addresses in the United States. We reserve the right to determine who may be a payee. You may not use the Bill Pay Service to purchase securities, to make federal or state tax payments, or to comply with any court order.

Initiating Payments: To initiate a payment, you must identify the person or business you are paying, the payment date, the amount to be paid, and (if you have one) your account number with the payee. You may be asked for additional information when you establish a payee for the first time on our system. You may pay an unlimited number of payees using the Bill Pay Service.

Erroneous Payment Requests. You assume sole responsibility for providing us with complete and accurate payment information. We are not responsible for confirming such information, or for identifying or rejecting errors or duplicate payment instructions. If you give us a payment instruction that is incorrect in any way, you agree that we may charge your account for the payment, whether or not the error could have been detected by us. We are not obligated to detect errors in your transfer or payment instructions.

Processing Payments: Funds must be available for a payment to be processed. The current daily cut-off time for processing payments on any business day is 2:00 p.m. CST. The business day you instruct us to process the payment is the "Payment Initiation Date". For payments entered by 2:00 p.m. CST on the Payment Initiation Date and that are to be paid electronically, we will withdraw funds from your designated account on the Payment Initiation Date and then will process an Automated Clearing House (electronic) payment on the following business day to the payee. For payments entered by 2:00 p.m. CST on the Payment Initiation Date and that are to be paid by check, we will mail a check to the payee on the Payment Initiation Date. The funds will not be withdrawn from your account until the payee deposits the check and it clears through the Bank. Payments that are to be made either electronically or via check that are entered after 2:00 p.m. CST on the Payment Initiation Date, or anytime on a non-business day, will be processed at the first processing time on the next business day. We do not have to make a payment if you do not have sufficient funds or credit available for the payment on the Payment Initiation Date. Although you can enter a payment request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your designated Payment Initiation Date must be on a business day. If you direct us to make a payment on a day other than a business day, we will initiate the payment on the following business day.

Scheduling Payments: You should schedule payments sufficiently in advance to ensure that they are received and credited by your payee by the payment due date. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU SCHEDULE THE PAYMENT INITIATION DATE AT LEAST FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE THE PAYMENT IS DUE AT YOUR PAYEE WITHOUT REGARD TO ANY GRACE PERIOD. Although we may be able to pay certain payees electronically within two business days, it could take longer for payments sent by mail. It is your responsibility to request that payments be made in such a manner that they will be paid on time. You are solely responsible for any damages, such as late fees and finance charges, that may be imposed as a result of your failure to identify the correct Payment Initiation Date and transmit your payment instruction to us in a timely manner. To ensure that critical or time-sensitive payments are received on time, you should consider establishing payment dates (especially for payees that will receive payment by mail during peak holiday periods) well in advance of the payment due date. We will not be responsible for any charges imposed or any other action taken by a payee resulting from a payment that you have not scheduled properly. In addition, we will not be liable if any third party through which any bill payment is made (e.g., the postal system) fails to properly transmit the payment to the intended payee.

Changing or Canceling Payments: You may cancel or change any scheduled payment by utilizing Northern State Online up until the cut-off time on the scheduled processing date.

Rejecting Payment Requests: We may reject any payment request with or without cause or prior notice. If we do, we will notify you promptly of the rejection orally, electronically or in writing.

Joint Accounts: Since joint account holders may share the same payee list, any account owner or authorized signer may (a) authorize transfers and payments to or from joint accounts, (b) cancel payments, and (c) remove any payee from the list.

15. Provisions

We may introduce new services or enhance existing services from time to time. Unless we state otherwise, any new or enhanced services will be subject to the terms of this Agreement. By using new or enhanced services when they become available, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions relating to the services.

We may amend (add to, delete from, or change) the terms of this Agreement at any time by sending a notice to any of you at the address or email address shown in our records, by posting the notice or an amended agreement on our web site, or delivering it to you. You may choose not to accept the change by closing your account(s) or terminating this agreement and your use of the Service.

You agree to take precautions to protect your Northern State Online ID and PIN. In addition, you should take precautions to protect your personal identification, such as your driver's license numbers and your social security numbers, to help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin and applicable federal law.

By accepting this Northern State Online Agreement and Disclosure Statement, you agree to its terms.

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