Close up of a person's hands using a credit card reader

Debit Cards

Use your debit card like a check wherever Visa is accepted or to get cash at an ATM. Your purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account and most transactions show immediately in your Northern State Online history. Using your NSB debit card is safer than carrying cash and faster than writing a check.

Debit cards are available to qualified applicants only. Contact your local NSB office for an application or more information.

There is no charge for a transaction or inquiry at an ATM we own.

Debit Card Management

If you plan on taking a trip to go somewhere you don't normally travel, be sure to let us know before you go so we can make sure your service is not interrupted. Notify us by calling or 715-682-2772.

We monitor your debit and ATM card transaction for potentially fraudulent activity. If we suspect fraud or unusual activity patterns you will receive a call, text or email from our fraud detection partner to validate the transactions. If you detect fraudulent activity notify us immediately at  715-682-2772.  After hours, please call 888-297-3416.

ATM Cards

An NSB ATM card provides quick access to cash 24 hours a day. Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts or obtain balance information.

There may be a charge for each transaction or inquiry at an ATM that does not belong to us.